Loan Tracking & Amortization

  The services offered above are at additional costs to the Standard Bookkeeping                 Services and will be quoted after a review of the scope that the client requires.

Accounts Payable Processing

Less than 100 Transactions.

$175 / Month

   Apple Bookkeeping & Tax Services

$150 / Month

Payroll Processing & Payroll Tax Filing

How much will Apple's bookkeeping services cost me?

2 Bank Accounts + 2 Credit Card Accounts:

Rooms & Meals Tax Filing 

Sales Tax Filing 

W2s and 1099s 

       Standard Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping clients receive a 15% discount on published Tax Services pricing.

1 Bank Account + 1 Credit Card Account                  

Sample Pricing for Quickbooks Online Monthly Clients 

Additional Services

401K Calculations & Posting through Web

Standard Services include weekly posting of bank and credit card activity, monthly reconciliation of bank & credit card accounts, and monthly profit & loss reporting.

Quickbooks Online subscription is required.  We can help you get the best price on this.

Fixed Asset Tracking & Depreciation

2 Bank Accounts + 2 Credit Card Accounts:

   200 - 300 Transactions


​     Greenland, NH  (603) 531-0894    

For project or one-time bookkeeping/accounting services, we charge $37.50 per hour.  

          Tax Services are charged per the schedule on the Tax Services page.

$125 / Month

   100 - 200 Transactions