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If you currently do not use any bookkeeping software

Getting Started with Online Bookkeeping

We have software that can convert a PDF copy of your bank or credit card statements to data that can be imported into Quickbooks.  This saves a lot of time and expense if you are converting to Quickbooks in the middle of the year and don't want to manually enter your information into Quickbooks.  

When you link your bank and credit card information to Quickbooks Online, the data will usually only go back 90 days.  You will need to fill in any older bank and credit card information.  We can do this n most cases using our PDF conversion software.

If you currently use other accounting software

   Apple Bookkeeping & Tax Services

We can convert your paper bank statements into Quickbooks data.

If you currently use Quickbooks Desktop version

Apple Bookkeeping and the Quickbooks team will assist you with converting from other software such as Quicken, Peachtree and Microsoft.

There is a menu drop down feature on the newer Quickbooks Desktop versions to convert your data to Quickbooks Online.  We have assisted clients with this many times, and the conversion is fairly painless.  

If for some reason you need to stay on the Desktop version, we can use a software called QBox to share your Quickbooks Desktop files without having to log into your computer.  

  • Get set up starting with a simple email.

With your business name, address and email we send you an invitation to get set up on Quickbooks Online.  You set up your own monthly subscription to Quickbooks, which costs around $35 per month.  You then allow Apple Bookkeeping to share your Quickbooks.


  • You stay in control of your data and the Quickbooks software.

Many bookkeeping companies use proprietary software and keep your data on their computers, making it hard for you to change bookkeepers or get back control your books. With Quickbooks Online you have control of your data and who can access it.

  • Getting your accounts, banks & credit cards set up.

​We setup revenue and expense accounts that are appropriate for your business. Some businesses like to track a lot of detail and others just want the basic accounts.  We will set up your accounts in the common way that most businesses of your type are set up, so that your financial information is understandable and easy to use to prepare your tax returns.

​We assist you in linking your bank and credit card accounts to Quickbooks, so that your bank
deposit amounts, as well as  check and credit card expenses will automatically flow into your books.  
We sit with you and get an understanding of how would like to track your revenue and expenses.

  • What we do for you on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

A couple times a week, we review your new bank and credit card transactions on Quickbooks Online and assign these transactions to the appropriate accounts in your books.

On a monthly basis, we can send you your profit and loss information or we can teach you how
to run some essential business reports whenever you choose to run them.

At the end of the year, we can prepare your taxes or we will work with your CPA to help prepare
your taxes.  You can also allow your CPA/Tax Preparer to have access to your Quickbooks.